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"Why Acquittal is the Only Option to Save Civil Liberty" GHI P.O.P (Opinion)

Why Acquittal is the Only Option to Save Civil Liberties.(Opinion)

Phill Szabo 1/31/2020

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     In speaking with a confirmed Trump hater today it occurred to me that many of them believed Adam Schiff's "parody" of the transcript. This to me is absolutely absurd and shows what power media plays over the Republic. More than that media the shredding of the Constitution is an even bigger threat. Due process was ignored in the House. Furthermore, getting their way Democrats still could find no evidence of a crime. They sent articles to the Senate with no crime or frankly any unethical wrong doing of any kind. If you don't believe me check for yourself.

     This same person was entirely unaware of Joe Biden admitting quid pro quo publicly. Also this person was unaware that the same video implicates Burisma in wrong doing. The other lie MSM and House Democrats spread stating that questions into Biden or Burisma were baseless. This has led to a split between Republicans about how many witnesses they want to hear from. Of course as always these day this has been misleadingly spun.

     The reason why many Republicans would have liked to hear from several other witnesses was they believe not only will Trump be vindicated but that all of these people will either be implicated or caught in perjury. As tempting as that scenario would be for Republicans it must not be sought. Fore if it was a precedent allowing the legislature to deny the  Civil liberties of any American on any whim or mob rule would be set. This is the scariest thing about this perversion of justice.

     There is no crime cited, no statute that has be violated there can not be a trial. In any courtroom in this country this would be immediately thrown out on its face.  So as much as some Senate Republicans might want to use a trial to expose Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Biden and others by doing so they would cause greater harm than good. They would be creating a legislature with no check and an atmosphere where presumption of innocence is gone. Even more than this eventually this precedent would bleed into the Judiciary giving the state unbalanced unchecked power against the citizen. A new world in which a citizen will not even have had to commit a crime in order for the state to charge them. The state wouldn't have to identify a crime before destroying a citizens life. This is Gestapo style governance and will lead to revolution.

Acquittal is the only way to save our civil liberties and the Republic.

Phill Szabo (editor GHI P.O.P)

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